About "Promyk Słońca" Foundation


The mission of the “Promyk Słońca” Foundation, operating since 1990, is to help children at a risk of disability and their parents. We provide a comprehensive approach to solving the family’s problems resulting from a child’s disability. We operate in areas related to medical care, education, integration and social assistance.

We operate extensively within the:

    • Diagnostic and Rehabilitative Centre
    • Non-Public Specialised Psychological and Pedagogical Clinic
    • Integrative Nursery
    • Public Integrative Kindergarten
    • Non-public Specialised Elementary school
    • Institute of Social Affairs
    • Wrocław Information Point for Persons with Disabilities
    • Family Clinic
    • Bank of Assistants
    • Volunteering Centre
    • Non-public Continuous Education Facility
    • International Institute of New Technologies
  • As a result of many years of experience, we have developed a model of comprehensive support for the family of a child with disabilities, the most important elements of which are:
    – early diagnosis and multi-profile therapy for the child
    – care and education
    – family support
    – searching for new methods of diagnosis and therapy, as well and the training of specialists.

    The early diagnosis and multi-profile therapy of a child are carried out in our outpatient clinic – the Diagnostic and Rehabilitative Centre, with several specialised clinics. In the psychological and pedagogical outpatient clinics in Wrocław and Dzierżoniów we work on the early support of the child’s development.
    We support the development of children through accompanying them on various levels – in the nursery, kindergarten and at school. In these facilities we enable education adapted to their individual needs and abilities. These activities are supplemented by numerous projects, which we carry out for children with special educational needs.

    We support parents by conducting workshops, providing social and legal guidance, specialist consultations and issuing publications. We carry out projects, social campaigns and cultural and artistic events aimed at social integration, overcoming prejudice and stereotypical thinking about disabilities.
    We are one of the leading training centres. We offer about 70 different trainings. We train doctors, therapists, teachers. Every year, approximately 1,500 people participate in our conferences, courses and workshops.


We are a public benefit organisation.
Contact details:
Fundacja „Promyk Słońca”. Wrocław Branch
Ul. Swobodna 8a
50-088 Wrocław
tel. +48 71 782 77 77